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Originally this website is for the dudes who are in The Henry Robinett Group or doing his for the band but NOW for people who are interested in the band. On August 21st and 22nd 2013 we recorded basics for the next CD, to be titled“I Have Known Mountains.” Joe Gilman, Tommy Brechtlein and Josh Thurston-Milgrom joined me atRiver City Studios. We got a fantasticSteinway model D, a 9 foot grand, for Joe to play. It sounded incredible. I’ll keep everyone informed on this journey.

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10 cent piece of Dollar Candy

ca. 1920

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Henry Robinett - Guitar

Joe Gilman

Joe Gilman - Piano

Tommy Brechtlein

Tom Brechtlein - Drums

Josh Thurston-Milgrom

Josh Thurston-Milgrom - Acoustic and electric bass

Dominic Edawrd Garcia

Dominic Edward - Garcia Congas and Timbales

Jacosa Limutau

Jacosa Limutau - vocals on Samuel.

HRG Portrait with Kleven

Close to the original group. Top left to right Henry, Erik Kleven, Bottom left Joe Gilman and Rick Lotter. We were lacking in the photos department.

The Henry Robinett Group




Henry Robinett 2013