Record and mixing

For the geeky guys.

We recorded the album at River City with Rich Ayres.

Trident console 10

We recorded it on a Trident Ventura 85 Console with Sowter transformers.

Drum overheads were Earthworks QTC40’s

Kick drum D-112 front Shure Beta 52 beater through BAE 1073 pre. Both kicks and snare used custom 1176 compressors.

Snare - SM57 top and bottom through BAE 1073 pre.

High Hats - AKG CB451

Toms 421

Upright bass was a U-87 and Royer 121

Piano - Steinway 9 foot Concert D - AT 4051’s and vintage 414 underneath.

Guitars on session - Gibson ES-355 and custom Strat Plus through Fractal Axe Fx II.


Studio Bohemia sessions:

Guitars - Electrics: Gibson ES-355, Strat Plus, Tommie R Lorean T-4 Telecaster copy, Tommie R Lorean“Tuesday,” Les Paul Anniversary 50/25. AXE-FX II

Acoustics: Taylor Anniversary XXV-DR, Taylor Taylor 414-CE. Mics: Peluso P-12’s, 2247.

ULN-8 Picture

At Studio Bohemia I used Metric Halo’s ULN-8 interfaces and preamps along with Millennia HV-3D.

Electric guitars were amplified with Fractal Audio’s Axe-Fx II.

Congas, timbales and assorted percussion - Mics: RE20, 421, AT4050 pair.

Henry’s vocals on Witchi-Tai-To: Pelsuo 2247 through ULN-8.

I mixed and mastered the CD with both Digital Performer 9.01 and ULN-8 mixing console and plugins. Thetracking session was recorded into Pro Tools.

Henry Robinett 2013